Welcome to Esplanade Express Laundry 

Your local neighborhood laundromat that houses a variety of washers for all your laundry needs, from single to loads.  We use American made eco-friendly washers and dryers that incorporate the newest technology to better wash your garments using less water and soap.

 Hours of operation

Open:  Monday - Sunday

From:  7:00am - 10:00pm

Last wash @ 8:30

              Dexter's High Efficiency Express Washers and Dryers cut dry times by as much as 50%. These machines use less energy and complete wash/dry cycles in about an hour. Express washers boast a powerful 200G extraction force which means laundry retains less water and dries faster.

 2540 Esplanade Ave, # 5

Chico, CA 95926

​(530) 809-1420